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  • 3 small dials work, top dial is 1/10 microsecond dial(1 circle = 2 seconds), bottom dial is second dial(1 circle = 1 minute), middel dial is minute dial(1 circel = 60 minutes).
  • Water-resistant: 3 bar waterproof, withstands rain and splashes of water, but not for use in a shower, diving, snorkeling or water-related work.
  • Luminous parts glow in the dark continually after absorbing enough light.
  • Date indicator, the default period is 31 days, the calendar should be adjusted at the beginning of months of which are not 31 days.
  • WARRANTY: 12-month factory warranty, please feel free to contact us if there's any problem with the watch, we'll be glad to try our best to resolve all the problems for you!